The Master Plan of Evangelism, Part 7 (The Soul-Winning Motivator #142)

The purpose of this podcast is to challenge you, encourage you, exhort you, and motivate you to witness for the Lord Jesus Christ right where you are to those who are not believers in Christ. Even though we will share some instructions on how to witness for the Lord from time to time, we believe that most Christians do not need to learn how to witness for the Lord, they just need to go and do it; so our aim is more motivational than instructional.

Our soul-winning Passage from the Word of God today is Mark 16:15 which reads: “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

Our soul winning quote today is from Oswald J. Smith. He said: “The mission of the church is missions.”

Our soul winning devotional is part 7 of our series titled “The Master Plan of Evangelism” from Robert E. Coleman’s book, “The Master Plan of Evangelism.”

Selection – Few Seemed to Understand

In view of this policy, it is not surprising to note that few people were actually converted during the ministry of Christ, that is, in any clearcut way. Of course, many of the multitudes believed in Christ in the sense that His divine ministry was acceptable, but comparatively few seemed to have grasped the meaning of the Gospel. Perhaps His total number of devoted followers at the end of His earthly ministry numbered little more than the five hundred brethren to whom Jesus appeared after the Resurrection, and only about 120 tarried in Jerusalem to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. This number is not small considering that His active ministry extended only over a period of three years, yet if at this point one were to measure the effectiveness of His evangelism by the number of His converts, Jesus doubtless would not be considered among the most productive mass evangelists of the church.


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