Evangelism Is…Sharing Your Story, Part 2 (The Soul-Winning Motivator #93)

Our soul winning passage from the Word of God today is 1 John 5:11 which reads: “And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.”

Allow me to share with you some important insights regarding this Scripture from David Guzik’s Commentaries on the Bible: In this verse, John tells us what the testimony of God is. That God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son: This is God’s essential message to man; that eternal life is a gift from God, received in Jesus Christ. He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life. It is all about Jesus, and living in Jesus is the evidence of eternal life.

Our soul winning quote today is from Greg Laurie. He said: “One of the best ways to “build a bridge” with a person who does not have a relationship with Christ is through your personal testimony.”

Our soul winning devotional is part 76 of our series titled “What Evangelism Is” from Dave Earley and David Wheeler.

Evangelism Is…Sharing Your Story (Part 2)

Benefits of Sharing Your Testimony

1. Sharing your salvation story builds a relationship bridge of understanding that Jesus can walk across into the heart of a lost person.

2. Sharing your testimony is a convenient and effective way to bypass intellectual defenses. It is difficult to argue with the evidence of a changed life.

3. Sharing your story often holds the hearer’s interest longer than if you were quoting the words of great theologians. People will listen to you because instead of being a professional salesman, you are a satisfied customer.

4. Sharing your story can be done in any time span you are given from a minute to an hour.

5. Sharing your story is not reserved for the highly educated or spiritually mature. It can be done by a newly saved believer.

6. Sharing your story makes evangelism personal and relational.

If You Have Been Saved, You Have a Story
When we speak of sharing your story or telling your testimony, we are talking about proclaiming to others how you came to Christ. You are giving a witness. In a courtroom, a witness isn’t expected to argue a case, prove the truth or press for a verdict; that is the job of the attorneys. Witnesses simply report what happened to them or what they saw.

Ever believer has a testimony. If you have been saved, you have a salvation story. Granted, some may be more dramatic than others, yet there are people who need to hear your story. No one else’s story is exactly like yours, so you need to share it, or it will be lost forever.

In our next broadcast, we will continue looking at why evangelism is…Sharing Your Story.


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