The Power of Servant Evangelism (The Soul-Winning Motivator #47)

Our soul winning passage from the Word of God today is 2 Corinthians 6:2 which reads: “For he saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee: behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.”

Our soul winning quote today is from John Piper: “If you alter or obscure the Biblical portrait of God in order to attract converts, you don’t get converts to God, you get converts to an illusion. This is not evangelism, but deception.”

Our soul winning devotional is part 30 of our series titled “What Evangelism Is” from Dave Earley and David Wheeler.


Servant evangelism is a combination of simple acts of kindness and intentional sharing of the gospel. Servant evangelism involves intentionally sharing Christ by putting love in action.

1. Servant evangelism opens the door to share the Gospel
Practicing simple acts of kindness with an intentional aim of sharing Christ wonderfully opens the door for the greatest act of kindness a Christian can give: sharing the gospel. Servant evangelism is intentionally evangelistic. However, it never coerces in a manipulative or negative sense.

When doing an act of kindness for a nonbeliever, the Christian witness can say, “I am doing this to show the love of Jesus in a practical way.” Often people ask, “Why are you doing this?” Then, as the Holy Spirit opens the door, the Christian can briefly share a testimony and possibly the facts of the gospel. If the other person is not open for discussion, the witness goes no further except possibly to offer Christian literature or prayer.

I have found that servant evangelism leads to a full presentation of Christ much more often than if the concept of service is ignored. When simple acts of kindness are coupled with an intentional and prayerful attempt to share the gospel, it powerfully enables the Holy Spirit to convict and to draw people to Himself.

2. Servant evangelism is low-risk evangelism
It provides an entry-level way to involve everyone in the ministry of outreach. One does not need unusual communication skills, an extroverted personality, a slick sales pitch, or multiple hours of training to participate in servant evangelism. This approach redirects one’s focus away from selfish inhibition and fear onto these being served.

While some people are terrified to witness verbally, they can wash cars, hand out lightbulbs, give away balloons or popsicles, mow yards, or rake leaves. In doing so, shy people can learn to be more bold and intentional with their faith.


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