Evangelism is Not Following the Example of the Disciples, Part 4 (The Soul-Winning Motivator #39)

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Our soul winning passage from the Word of God today is Psalm 96:3 which reads: “Declare his glory among the heathen, his wonders among all people.”

Our soul winning quote today is from Henry Martyn: “The spirit of Christ is the spirit of missions. The nearer we get to Him, the more intensely missionary we become.”

Our soul winning devotional is part 22 of our series titled “What Evangelism Is” from Dave Earley and David Wheeler.

Evangelism is not following the example of the disciples.

In our previous broadcast we looked at the fifth and sixth reasons why we should not follow the evangelism example of the disciples. Today we will look at the first part of the conclusion of why we should not follow the evangelism example of the disciples.

Never underestimate the power of one.

One Samaritan woman testified to her town, and many believed in Jesus.

One man, Noah, built a boat that saved the human race.

One man, Moses, stood up to Pharaoh and delivered the Hebrews from Egypt.

One woman, Deborah, delivered Israel from the Canaanite oppression.

One man, David, defeated the Philistines when he killed their champion, Goliath.

One woman, Esther, had the courage to approach the king and see her nation spared from extermination.

One man, Peter, preached a sermon that led 3,000 to be saved.

One salesman and Sunday school teacher, Edward Kimball, led a young man named Dwight to Christ. Dwight Moody became a blazing evangelist who it is said, led one million souls to Christ in his short lifetime. Wilbur Chapman received the assurance of his salvation after talking with Moody and went on to become a noted evangelist himself. The drunken baseball player Billy Sunday was an assistant to Chapman before becoming the most famous evangelist of his day. One of the fruits of Sunday’s ministry was the forming of a group of Christian businessmen in Charlotte, North Carolina. This group brought the evangelist Mordecai Ham to Charlotte in 1934. A tall awkward youth named Billy Graham was converted during those meeting. According to his staff, as of 1993, more than 2.5 million people had “stepped forward at his crusades to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.” Millions of souls trace their spiritual lineage back to the influence of one man, a simple Sunday school teacher, Edward Kimball.

Someone said, “To the world you may just be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” To this we might add, to you they may seem like just one lost soul, but to God that may be a soul who can shake the whole world.

Never underestimate the power of one multiplied.

What the disciples did not understand and Jesus did was the exponential power of multiplication. Jesus understood that often the fastest way to reach the many is through the slow process of multiplication. Walter Henrichsen has written:

Some time ago there was a display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. It featured a checkerboard with 1 grain of wheat on the first, 2 on the second, 4 on the third, then 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, etc. Somewhere down the board, there were so many grains of wheat on the square that some were spilling over into neighboring squares – so here the demonstration stopped. Above the checkerboard display was a question, “At this rate of doubling every square, how much grain would be on the checkerboards by the 64th square?”

To find the answer to this riddle, you punched a button on the console in front of you, and the answer flashed on a little screen above the board: “Enough to cover the entire subcontinent of India 50 feet deep.”

Multiplication may be costly, and in the initial stages, much slower than addition, but in the long run, it is the most effective way of accomplishing Christ’s Great Commission…and the only way.

When we lead people to Christ, we must stay with them to help them get established in their faith. Then they can also be carriers of the good news, and the message of the gospel will multiply through their constant witness.

In our next broadcast, we will look at the second part of the conclusion of why we should not follow the evangelism example of the disciples.


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